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Mathematical Learning Objectives

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At my school, we’re currently in the process of identifying what we see as our essential educational objectives.  The document that emerges should help to guide all of the decisions we make in the future, including everything from an upcoming rethinking of our graduation requirements to discussions around how strongly we embrace learning experiences that happen outside of the traditional classroom setting.  I imagine this list of objectives as something to point at whenever we’re making arguments for why some practice should change (or continue, as the case may be).  It’s exciting because this has been a bottom-up approach, with input coming from all faculty, coaches, staff, and administrators as we try to discern exactly what it is that we want to instill in each and every one of our students before they graduate.

At the moment, all of the input that’s been received has been boiled down into three broad categories: dispositions, skills, and content/knowledge.  The dispositions and many of the skills are cross-disciplinary, covering things like recognizing one’s place in our global community and being able to productively work with others.  Other skills and much of the specific content tend to break out more along discipline or department lines and, as such, have been shopped out to the departments to produce lists which will then be revised and aggregated. Read More…