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Reflections on My First Year of Standards-Based Assessment, Part 3

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In my final post reflecting on last year’s shift to SBAR (Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here), I’d like to take a look at some data.  It should be noted up front that the sample size we’re dealing with is very small (i.e., two) since 2012/13 is my only comparable pre-SBAR year, at least as far as calculus is concerned.  During 2011/12, I was using a drastically different curriculum (which ended up becoming the basis for my current Applied Calculus course, perhaps soon to become Mathematical Modeling – more to come on that later).  Since I just started in the math department halfway through 2010/11, I don’t think any comparisons with that year would be fair.  Prior to 2010, my calculus teaching was done at the undergraduate level for a very different student population.  That said, while I don’t want to read too much into what follows, I do think it bears examination.  Time to dive into this data rabbit hole. Read More…